Girl Fever

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69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians
Edited by Sacchi Green

Girl Fever is scorching hot erotic fiction from Lammy Award-winning editor Sacchi Green. This big book of lesbian quickies, with stories from top-notch contributors, evokes the heat, urgency and "gotta have it" moment of sudden sex. There are long-time companions, one-night stands, meet-cutes and meet-only-once stories to fuel every fantasy. Highly literary and utterly libidinous, Girl Fever will make you sweat.

Read an excerpt of my story Last Minute here:

A cappuccino in each hand, I watched her fooling around at the gift shop. She held a huge smiling balloon in front of her face and entertained some random kid, whose little body wriggled with laughter. His mother eventually dragged the boy away, and Felice straightened up again.

"Wasn't that the cutest little fella?" she asked. "I might buy you this balloon to cheer your – Jen?" Her playful face crinkled into a frown. She took a few steps towards me through the buzz of the airport's check-in area.

"Miss! You haven't paid for that balloon!" a shop assistant snapped.

Felice ignored her. "Hey, what's the matter? We'll see each other again in two months and –"

"I love you," I blurted out and watched her expression change.

I was gripped by fear. I had ruined it, hadn't I? You're not supposed to tell a co-worker who's been at your branch only half a year on office exchange that you love her. Not even if she's become your best friend in those six months, not even if the sound of her laughter makes your heart beat faster every time.

I gulped. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. It's just –"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" She lifted my chin. "Why the hell did you wait until the last minute?"

My stomach made a little flip. Her voice was calm. Not at all upset. And her frozen-lake eyes looked at me as though I had just articulated the long sought-after explanation of some scientific marvel, not something that would ruin our whole friendship. "You… do you mean you –"

She laughed. "I've been in love with you ever since your cute rendition of You Are My Sunshine at the karaoke bar!"

This time, the flip was harder. Before I could process what she'd just said, her lips were pressed against mine, and I could hear her giggle under our kiss. The moment before I closed my eyes, I saw the smiling balloon fly away, floating up towards the airport's glass ceiling.

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