Thanks to Anastasia Kuba

I'm very happy to present you photographs by San Francisco based photographer Anastasia Kuba! I saw some of her pictures in a magazine and was instantly hooked by the lights and colors and her view of the people she captured on camera. Please check out her website www.anastasiakuba.com for more of her work. I'm sure you'll love her sensual, very intimate photos too!


Since October 2012, I’m a Mischief author, the new eBook series of erotica and erotic romance from HarperCollins! Check it out here

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies

Two of my stories will be part of Maxim Jakubowski's upcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Erotic Quickies, to be published in Spring of 2013!

… falls by the wayside when young parents Paolo and Della try to make the most of those precious fleeting moments they have to themselves.

A perfect start
It's New Year's Eve, and Lucy gets the blues, as every year. But this time, she's on a 1920s themed party, and there's an enigmatic woman named Florence, dressed like Marlene Dietrich…

I'm very, VERY excited to be included in Mr. Jakubowski's book!

Only You

Publication: Print
Pages: 232
Price: $ 15.95 (suggested retail price)
Where to buy:

Readers may know Rachel Kramer Bussel best as the preeminent spanking aficionado in the northern hemisphere but she is really a die-hard romantic at heart. Rachel's erotic romance anthologies Passion, Obsessed, and Irresistible have garnered rave review and explore the racier side of romance.

The couples in Only You are happy, but looking for something more to add some sizzle to their relationships. They don't want to just go along for the ride, but to take control and see how daring they can be. Whether it's a Mom's Night Out in a sexy hotel suite, some In-Flight Entertainment or a delicious Cook's Treat, these lovers know how to do whatever it takes to bring their romance back to a high flame. From makeup sex to a real estate rendezvous, a virgin to a political candidate to coworkers who simply can't keep their hands off each other, Only You showcases 20 stories that are as loving as there are lusty. Curl up and find out how they make love—and make love last.

Read an excerpt of In-flight Entertainment here:

She exhaled and scowled at the dark skies outside the tiny window. At 30,000 feet above ground with the sun having gone more than an hour ago, you couldn't tell one cloud from the other.

Patrick's hand brushed her thigh above her knee, just were her skirt ended, and his touch electrified her even through the opaque material of the stockings. "Hey, everything okay?"

"I'm bored!" Lillie exclaimed. "There's nothing new in Cosmo, I've already seen all the movies when we flew to Sydney last week, and you are absorbed in your book!"

He chuckled. "You're jealous of Mr. Franzen?"

"I might be."

"Aw." He leaned in. "Anything I can do to entertain you?"

She kept her eyes fixed on his lips while he spoke. "There is something." She traced his mouth with two of her fingers.

He kissed her fingertips. "You taste of mango juice."

She covered her smile behind her hand. "I fished them out of the fruit salad."

Patrick nuzzled his lips along her fingers. "And the strawberries too."

She closed her eyes. "Too bad we don't have a private cabin..."

He pulled back a bit. "Last-minute flight. What can you do?"

"And still four hours to go." Lillie sighed and reached for the magazine again.

"Why don't you try to sleep a bit?"

Patrick watched her flipping listlessly through the pages until one article finally managed to get her attention. "How to make him sizzle?" He laughed. "I'll tell you how to make me sizzle no matter what time of day, every day." Lillie looked up from the glossy page. He held her gaze. "You just show up."

The paper tore as she impatiently turned the pages. "I told you there was nothing interesting in here." She tilted her head. "And that was very sweet of you to say."

He wrapped one arm around her so she could rest her head against his shoulder, then kissed her hair. "Ten G spots your lover doesn't know about," he read the next article's headline out loud.

"Shh." She eyed the other passengers, mere outlines of people slumbering in their plushy sleeper seats or focusing on some in-flight entertainment on flickering screens. A cheeky glimmer flashed over his face.

"Ten? Ha. They settled for too few."

He pulled back a bit. "Last-minute flight. What can you do?"

"Aren't we Mr. Swagger today?"

His finger teased the trail from her hairline behind her ear down to her neck. "You know I always hit all ten. And then some."

She pulled a face.

"Don't torture me with what I can't have, loverboy."

He grinned. "I bet they tell you about how your breath gets caught in your throat when I trace my fingers along the inside of your thighs?"

Her body was already giving him its full attention. The nerves underneath her skin reacted to his fingers' every whim. The fine hairs at the nape of her neck rose in the wake of his sweeping touch. She might as well let her mind follow.

Wild Girls, Wild Nights

Coming Next Spring

I'm thrilled to be part of Sacchi Green's upcoming anthology – can't wait for more information on the cover and publishing date!

Table of Contents:

Polvo de Hadas by Anna Meadows
Hot Desert Nights by Dawn McKay
The Daddy I Didn't Know I Needed by Angel Propps
The Corruption of the Innocent Pornographer by Destiny Moon
Foxy and the Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy by Allison Moon
Nurse Joan by Cheyenne Blue
Ring of Roses by Giselle Renarde
Cockadoodle Doo by Dawn Mueller
Threesome by H.M. Husley
Delinquents Catherine Paulssen
Risking It All by Lynette Mae
Are You My Mommy? By Danielle Mignon
Lost Batteries by Jasmine Grimstead
Odds by Catherine Henreid
Higher Learning by Charlotte Dare
Kat's House by Mia Savage
Guise and Dolls by Allison Wonderland
Tamago by Anna Watson
Auto-Complete by M. Marie
Insatiable Travel Itch by Evan Mora

Smokin' Hot Firemen

Edited by the fabulous Delilah Devlin

Coming Summer 2013

With stories from Rachel Firasek, Sabrina York, Adele Dubois, Lynn Townsend, Nanette Guadiano, Cathryn Fox, Ily Goyanes, Maggie Wells, Elle James, Tahira Iqbal, Cynthia D'Alba, M. Marie, Kalissa Wayne, Shoshanna Evers, Rowan Elizabeth and Delilah Devlin

You can find the line-up here.

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